• Entrepreneur Spotlight #10: Careen Tan | The White Atelier

    I knew that I was only going to get busier as the years go by, so there was no better time than now. I’m just going to try my best, and if I fail, I will move on to something else knowing that I have given my best. There’s no harm in trying. I just did not want to live in regret wondering, “What if I tried? Would I have succeeded?” It’s been 3 years now and we have grown much further than I had expected.
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight #9: Joanne Lew | Armadale Weddings

    Like every beginner, I was fresh and inexperienced, but I was blessed to have met many selfless friends from different industries who have helped, guided and given me lots of valuable advices throughout my entrepreneurship journey. Now I have two business partners, Foong and Jasmine who have been with me on my Armadale journey all these years. We work together in planning for our company’s future, execute our visions, build knowledge on the changing trends of the wedding industry and how we can always improve our line of products and services.
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight #8: Gladys Tan | CapturedGladness

    I’m currently a stay-home-mom who is also a photographer and freelance copywriter. I’ve always had an interest in photography since I was young. I loved how a photograph can actually evoke memories and emotions. It was never really my plan to become a professional photographer.
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight #7: Laverne Chee and Juvien Sia | Eventistry

    I founded The Wedding Project in 2012, and The Party Project Malaysia 2 years later. Being in the event industry, I had to be very present and hands-on from planning, the setup, actual event day and the post-event follow up. It has been quite a challenge to manage the workload when I was pregnant in 2016, especially times where I had to be bed rested. When I was about to deliver my baby in 2017, I know that it would be even harder to do well in both my business and family, so it was a very painful decision to downsize the business and eventually looking into closing down the company. I remember calling all my staff one-by-one into my room and telling them my decision to downsize the business. It was very difficult to release everyone.
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight #6: Jasmine A | Jasmine. A Photography

    My photographic journey started back when I was 13 years old when my mother gifted me my very first DSLR camera. She acknowledged my love and eye for taking photographs and pretty much encouraged me and my growing fascination for the art! Fast forward a couple of years later, I found myself exploring different genres of the photography spectrum from fashion, to conceptual photography. I then documented my very first couple, and that changed the course of my entire career. It sparked a sense of fulfilment in me, like I found a purpose in doing what I do, and I knew then that I HAD to do it. 
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight #5: Meichi Phoon | Emcee Bridal & Emcee Couture

    I started sewing pieces for myself to wear almost 10 years ago since I was too petite to get cute outfits of the rack. When I put them up on blogspot, people starting to order them! That's how I started to create under Emcee Couture and we slowly expanded to bridesmaids and bridal wear as well under Emcee Bridal.
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight #4: Aivy Yong | Aivy Yong Bridal Styling Boutique

    Art and beauty has always been my passion. Before entering the bridal industry, I was in advertising and had years of experience in beauty line (bridal studio makeup, beautician) & as beauty trainer in cosmetics company. I started my makeup business in year 2004 and never looked back since!
  • TWA Entrepreneur Spotlight #3: Tricia Lim & Evelyn Ng | Moments

    We started Moments because we loved the fact that we get to be married over and over and over again and to cross paths with all the interesting couples who can relax and enjoy their once in a lifetime knowing that everything is in good hands. Together, we managed to pull our skills and resources to make things work! 
  • TWA Entrepreneur Spotlight #2: Cherlyn Tan & Claris Lew | Daun&Petals

    Daun&Petals was officially launched on Instagram in July 2016. All these while, we have always had a preference for ‘not only roses’ bouquet and modern arrangement (probably due to the fact that I was a designer and tend to fall for things that are unique!), and we found them a little hard to get in Malaysia. So the idea of "Why not?” and “Let's do it!" began buzzing me. After months of research and preparation, we decided to get on with this business which we are really passionate about.  
  • TWA Entrepreneur Spotlight #1: Hui Wen | Soirée Lab

    Being a Type A meets Creative type, I am a corporate professional turned fashionprenuer turned wedding planner. But the funny thing is, I totally stumbled into the wedding industry by luck! It all started from my own wedding-- after which I started having strangers approach me to do their weddings. I took a leap of faith, styled a friend's wedding, and never looked back since!