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It’s always been in our hearts and minds to do more than what we do on a daily basis. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our clients and designing beautifully handcrafted and comfortable shoes for all of them makes us super happy and fulfilled! But more than just business, we desire to also give back and add more value to our community- our beloved customers, social media fans and followers, friends and you, who have stumbled upon our humble little blog space here.

And so we have officially started our initiative by interviewing 10 inspiring female entrepreneurs from the local wedding industry in conjuction with International Women’s Day. These ladies come from different walks of life and all have different stories on how they have started and sustained their wedding businesses. You may even be familiar with most of their names!

We will be featuring all of their interviews here throughout the month of March, and we hope you’ll be blessed and inspired.

Entrepreneur Spotlight #3: Aivy Yong
Founder of Aivy Yong Bridal Styling Boutique, Make Up Artist and Hairstylist, Beauty Trainer, Mom of One

Can you share with us a little about yourself and how you started your makeup business journey?
Hello, I'm Aivy Yong a bridal makeup artist and trainer, and a mother of a 4 year old. Art and beauty has always been my passion. Before entering the bridal industry, I was in advertising and had years of experience in beauty line (bridal studio makeup, beautician) & as beauty trainer in cosmetics company. I started my makeup business in year 2004 and never looked back since!

What keeps you going when you encounter tough times in your life and business?
Positive thought and Faith. I take tough times as a challenge – for my betterment and improvement. And most definitely, having faith in God. 

What is your favourite quote/motto in life and business?

Gratitude - Honesty – Perseverance

Why do you think it’s important that women support women?

I believe in the”Together We Are Better” motto. I'm a mother and entrepreneur myself, and I have personally experienced how these support have impacted my life and career in a positive way. Our mutual  inspiration, encouragement and support makes us stronger as individuals. I hope to do the same for my students through my makeup courses. Together, we embrace beauty and inspire women.

Are you proud to be a woman? If yes, why?
Yes definitely! Women are on the rise. We can see better representation of women leaders in companies, successful women entrepreneurs and all the greatness that come by being a woman - we have so many roles be it personal or professional life..and we embrace it well.

One advice for every aspiring female entrepreneur.
Persevere! Never give up, and live your dreams!


Get in touch with Aivy:

IG: @bridalstylingaivy


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