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It’s always been in our hearts and minds to do more than what we do on a daily basis. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our clients and designing beautifully handcrafted and comfortable shoes for all of them makes us super happy and fulfilled! But more than just business, we desire to also give back and add more value to our community- our beloved customers, social media fans and followers, friends and you, who have stumbled upon our humble little blog space here.

And so we have officially started our initiative by interviewing 10 inspiring female entrepreneurs from the local wedding industry in conjuction with International Women’s Day. These ladies come from different walks of life and all have different stories on how they have started and sustained their wedding businesses. You may even be familiar with most of their names!

We will be featuring all of their interviews here throughout the month of March, and we hope you’ll be blessed and inspired.

Entrepreneur Spotlight 8: Gladys Tan
Founder of CapturedGladness, Photographer, Freelance Copywriter, Mom of One

Can you share with us a little about yourself and how you started CapturedGladness?
I’m currently a stay-home-mom who is also a photographer and freelance copywriter. I’ve always had an interest in photography since I was young. I loved how a photograph can actually evoke memories and emotions. It was never really my plan to become a professional photographer. All I did was use whatever I had in my hands; started off with an iPhone 4s to using my sister Careen’s camera, to eventually owning a camera of my own. 

CapturedGladness was started in 2016  for the purpose of me posting my work there. But eventually as I started posting more, people started to take notice and enquiries slowly came in for me to shoot for them. 

What keeps you going when you encounter tough times in your life and business?
The most invaluable lesson I’ve learned in life and in my business came through the toughest of situations – and by knowing that, it gives me a little more courage and resilience to hang on whenever I’m going through a rough patch in life or when I’m dealing with a tough client. 

What is the one value that you hold on to the most in your entrepreneurial journey?
“Stay humble and be genuine.” 

What I love about photography is the ability to tell one’s story through photos, but what I love about being a photographer is that it gives me the opportunity to play a part in that story. I find great fulfillment when I’m able to journey life with my clients whom I have eventually become friends with.

What is your favourite quote/motto in life and business?
“Fight for the future you want, because nobody else is going to do that for you.”

Why do you think it’s important that women support women?
I grew up in a home full of women, and I would never have become who I am today if it weren’t for their constant love and support. Now, if every woman can do that to each other – I can only imagine the exciting future that will ensue!

Are you proud to be a woman? If yes, why?
Uh-huh, for sure! I’m proud to be a woman because I think the world is a more beautiful place to be in because of us. 

One advice for every aspiring female entrepreneur.
Stay focused and don’t overthink. The success of others does not equal your failure. The only time you should look at your neighbor’s work is to get inspiration, and not to compare. Life is too short for stuff like that! So whatever you have in your heart and mind to do, just do it already. Start first, and improve along the way ☺

Get in touch with Gladys and Captured Gladness:

IG: @gladystanxy | @capturedgladness


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