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It’s always been in our hearts and minds to do more than what we do on a daily basis. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our clients and designing beautifully handcrafted and comfortable shoes for all of them makes us super happy and fulfilled! But more than just business, we desire to also give back and add more value to our community- our beloved customers, social media fans and followers, friends and you, who have stumbled upon our humble little blog space here.

And so we have officially started our initiative by interviewing 10 inspiring female entrepreneurs from the local wedding industry in conjuction with International Women’s Day. These ladies come from different walks of life and all have different stories on how they have started and sustained their wedding businesses. You may even be familiar with most of their names!

We will be featuring all of their interviews here throughout the month of March. Here’s our first female entrepreneur and her story, and we hope you’ll be blessed and inspired.


Entrepreneur Spotlight #1: Hui Wen
Founder of Soirée Lab, Wedding Planner, Coordinator and Stylist

Can you share with us a little about yourself and how you started Soirée Lab?
Being a Type A meets Creative type, I am a corporate professional turned fashionprenuer turned wedding planner. But the funny thing is, I totally stumbled into the wedding industry by luck! It all started from my own wedding-- after which I started having strangers approach me to do their weddings. I took a leap of faith, styled a friend's wedding, and never looked back since!

What keeps you going when you encounter tough times in your life and business?
Knowing that tough times don't last, and there is always a lesson to learn from in there. Personally, I have never met challenges which I have not grown or learned from. That, and a good sense of humor!

What is the one value that you hold on to the most in your entrepreneurial journey?
Kindness and Integrity. 

Being wedding planners, we touch base with everyone from cleaners to hotel managers and VIP guests; and it is so important to be genuine and kind to EVERYONE. Being honest good people has definitely led us very far in our journey, and it helps me keep my head high in what I do.  

What is your favourite quote / motto in life and business?
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars."

Why do you think it’s important that women support women?
Because the fact is, women still face certain limitations/restrictions in society-- career, salary, household roles, how we have to behave/act/wear... And if we can just stand united, there is so much that we can change in terms of societal perceptions and gender stereotypes. For instance, a female boss who promotes a woman; a mother who supports another mother, a girlfriend who does not judge another girlfriend's life choices. As clichéd as it sounds, when women come together, incredible things happen. It's my favorite thing to see, and we need more of it!

Are you proud to be a woman? If yes, why?
Hell yea! We get to dress up, we are more in tuned with our emotions, we smell better, we have stronger bonds and support systems, we get to be soft and tough and all these wonderful paradoxes... Damn, I love being a woman!

One advice for every aspiring female entrepreneur
Your biggest asset is that you are not like everyone else.



Get in touch with Hui Wen and Soirée Lab:

IG: @revelinme / @soireelab


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