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E-Gift Card: RM500 Value

E-Gift Card: RM500 Value

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If you're ensure of what she likes, here's gift that always fits!

Know someone who would love to own a comfortable and beautifully designed pair of shoes for her special occasion, a pair that she would be confident in wearing again and again without fear of pain or discomfort? 

Instead of buying her a gift that she doesn't need or purchase a design that she may not fancy, why not gift her an e-gift card and allow her to pick her own design? As girls ourselves, we know just how exciting receiving a gift card feels like because we get to choose anything we like and it's FREE!

As soon as this e-gift card is purchased, our team member will be in touch with you on your recipient details and custom message to go with your gift card.


  • E-gift cards will be emailed to your recipient, complete with your custom message and details on how to redeem her gift card with a special code.
  • Each gift card has no expiry date (best thing ever!)
  • Each gift card is only valid for a one-time purchase, where multiple pairs can be purchased at one time using the same code.
  • Our TWA e-gift cards can be redeemed to purchase ready-to-wear shoes only, and is not applicable for custom designed shoes.
  • For orders that do not reach the full e-gift card amount, we will not be able to refund or exchange for cash the balance unused amount.
  • For orders that exceed the e-gift card amount, the balance will be payable by the gift recipient.
  • All e-gift cards purchased are exchangeable for cash.
  • All e-gift cards purchased are non-refundable.